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Le choix de la musique est très bon, l'art et les effets sont magnifiques et le jeu est très amusant. 

Je n'ai pas l'habitude de jouer à des jeux indépendants mais j'ai tellement aimé celui-ci !

essayez-le et profitez-en!

merci mon ami pour le commentaire, ça m'aide beaucoup <3

The style of the game is cool, but there is a great need in different enemies and weapons

P. S. - There  is a bug - after a run with boosted speed, in the next run you will be as slow as a snail (enemies too, by the way)

the overall game is good, and the art seems great, I only noticed a few areas you can improve on, and I will discuss that here :)

First, There isn’t any reaction on buying a potion from the inventory, you can add anything, it can be a small particle emission when clicked, and a small sound, to make the player realise that he did buy it, else the inventory seems off

Second, change the attack button from ‘E’ to the left mouse click, it will be easier, as in this one rn, I found it difficult to keep pressing e as well as try to run and jump, so making it the left mouse button will help that become more efficient

Thirdly, There isn’t any challenge really in the game, every wave, we have to fight same enemies, and then the hp keeps improving instead of decreasing, try adding more different enemies, with different attack styles,so the player is uncertain when their health can detoriate, and also, don’t provide player with so much points after every wave, else it’s very easy to increase the health easily

try this things out and the game will become more great and fun to play :”))

Yours friendly Me

Hey man, thanks for replying, im woking on this game and i alredy change somethings, now the shop is balanced, it closes and open more fast, the shield mechanic is better, now you cant passe the 20HP so the game is harder, and im working in some effects and more enemys, thanks for your Comment :D

When the final version is ready i can tell you

Great work! I am very keen to play the final version :D

Hey, maybe in the future i add some tiny changes like more enemys and stuff, but the updated version is up, you can play it on browser