About the Game

-This game was made in 72h for the MiniJam 112  :  Chrono

Known Bugs

-If you leave and dialog and then join again the letters crash

            -How to solve: Leave the character area for some seconds and then comeback

Use of the Limitation (3 INPUTS):

-You can only use A,D,LMB


This game can be played on browser


The whole game was made by Edro (me)


Move LeftA
Move RightD


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I thought it was a good choice of art style and music. I would have preferred a game with more action and more to do, but I did enjoy the humor in it.

Thank your for the feedback, ye had big ideias but it was 3 days, and just one programmer so unfortunaly we couldnt implement such ideas, like boss battle, more side quests etc